sailing prep list


It's always cooler on the water, and often wet, so if you don't have sailing gear, we recommend bringing warm waterproof clothing. Plan to wear layers - bring a ski-type waterproof jacket and fleece top, and bottoms that will dry fast. (We also have extra gear and clothing onboard.)

Shoes - bring 2 pair:

Whatever you want to wear to/off the boat, and

A separate, clean pair of clear or white soled shoes or boots for wearing on the boat. Please wash any residue or grit that may be on the bottom of your shoes before bringing them onto the boat. (We avoid wearing "street shoes" on the boat so that we don't transport any substances that might cause a slippery surface or damage to the boat's deck and cabin sole.)

Depending on the weather, you may also want to consider bringing:

Pack your gear in a closed soft bag or duffle to avoid getting any of your gear wet or lost, or scratching the boat.


If you have any food restrictions or strong dislikes, please let us know. We want to be sure you're happy and well fed while on the boat.

If you are planning an overnight, we have clean sleeping bags, pillows and towels for you onboard. The boat has heat, running water, bunks and 2 heads (toilets). Just bring your basic toiletries and gear.